RealTime (LiveNote/CaseView) 

Using LiveNote/CaseView, as the reporter transcribes your deposition, the text can simultaneously be transmitted to your computer screen or iPad. 

Text can be viewed, annotated and issue-coded within seconds of testimony being given. This is achieved simply by connecting a laptop computer (yours or ours) directly to the court reporter's laptop. Now you can also connect to our reporter via our secure WiFi connection and receive the testimony on your iPad! 

Certified Court Reporters,Inc.
Broadcast depositions to your team in real time.

LiveNote Stream lets you broadcast the audio, video, and text of a deposition securely and in real time to all members of your litigation team anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Remote team members see and hear the deposition so they can pick up on important non-verbal cues that wouldn’t show up in a written transcript.

Gain an edge in the deposition room

  • Strengthen your presence at a deposition and fluster your opponent
  • Broadcast securely, in real time, to experts, paralegals, clients, attorneys, and all other authorized team members
  • Get instant, private input from anyone connected to your group
  • Refine your approach during the deposition
  • Enable everyone on the team to observe the witness
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Ask your court reporter or videographer to provide LiveNote Stream

All you need are broadband Internet and Microsoft® Internet Explorer®. Free viewing software is available if you don’t have LiveNote or Case Notebook software.
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